Hi, I’m Ala Cho and I’m from Seoul. I am a visual artist and photographer based in Los Angeles. I have a previous degree in Chinese Literature and moved to the US in winter 2013. I graduated from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA, with a BFA in Photography & Imaging in fall 2018.

Spending time in New York, Paris, London, Tokyo and Beijing I discovered a new freedom through my photography, one that was colorful and alive.

Working as a visual artist and photographer I have developed a deep connection to all forms of art; painting, music, performance, design. I feel the story and understand the struggle and the emotion- the heart of an artist. In my work, I have been creating the background, lighting and even choosing wardrobes and makeup by myself for not only taking beautiful images, but also telling a story. I want to share this beauty and give others the freedom to feel the freedom of the soul.